DD8 Music Recording and Rehearsal Studio

The DD8 Music Studio is currently closed due to COVID-19 Restrictions

“Anytime we jammed together it felt like a family and there were no dramas in the world. It just took everything in the real world aside for however long, to just enjoy ourselves and be together as a big family” ”
“The best thing is making and playing music as a band with friends!””
“It’s super important to have that space! Being able to rehearse there and having our workers and volunteers there to give advice or listen to what you’re working on at any time is awesome. It’s also very important to get some jam time in with others - good learning experience! 🙂””
“The DD8 space meant heaps to me because it helped me get through a lot, get over my nerves, and get started into music” ”
“It got me through tough times and helped me push away all kind of drama in my life for a couple hours to just play music or even just talk with the people around me””